Fringes Trend Best Ideas To Try Now

If you decided to attract someone’s attention, then the first thing that pops into your mind is to wear something bright and eye-catching. In today’s blog post I decided to share with you fashion trend called fringes.

Fringes is nothing new, but you definitely can use this embellishment to update your outfits. 

Such embellishment has been trending for already several years and it still going strong. It’s pretty clear we gonna see it around for about two or three years more. You gonna find it in style blogs, fashion magazines and on the streets. Everyone loves seventies looks, but there are manny other ways how to wear this trend. It can be used as a rock and roll inspired embellishment, as well as wild west inspired embroidery, glamour touch, etc. Stay tuned to find out more about it.

Fringes Trend 2018 Clothes And Accessories (6)

You can go wild with a fringed skirt.This garment is one of my favorites among fringed clothing pieces. This is a fun addition to any wardrobe and can be quite versatile, just be sure to style it right. It can be a nice addition to a blazer, button-down shirts, plain tees or tank tops. I personally like suede fringed skirts, as they remind me of 1970’s fashion. I highly recommend to try on a high-waisted fringed skirt with a chambray shirt. Anyway, next fringed piece of clothing that popped into my mind is a fringe top. It is a perfect choice for those who want to highlight their bust area and draw more attention to the spot. Try fringe tops with simple tailored shorts, skirts or skinny pants. If you have never tried fringes in your life, then go for fringe bags, they are versatile and easy to style. Next one is fringe shoes: sandals, ankle boots, and heels are best styles to try! The last but not least is a fringe jacket. It will keep you warm and special. I personally like fringed suede and denim jackets, as they can be easily styled with skinny jeans and suede skirts.

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