How To Wear Coral Color Next Summer

If there is an ideal time of the year to wear bright colors, then it’s a Summer season. Today I bring you an awesome Summer collection of women’s best outfits complemented with coral color clothes and accessories. You are about to see stunning combinations that can easily make you stand out from the crowd, as well as underline your sweetness and femininity. So, what are we waiting for, let’s have a deep walk in this color trend?

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What I love about coral color is the originality that makes it appear sweet, chic, warm, eye-catching and fresh. It will be a perfect addition to any outfit. If you are afraid to wear bright colors, like orange, yellow, acid green, then you definitely should choose coral. It is a softer version of orange and it looks perfect on anyone, no matter how old you are, what is your height, shape or skin color. I love to see coral clothing staples on women who already have that beautiful sun-kissed tan. You are free to wear it in bold or subtle ways, the following outfit ideas will get you covered. The best way to make this color look awesome on you is to buy a coral dress, no matter if it’s casual or dressy one. Coral can be easily paired with other colors, like black, navy, beige, white, pastels, etc. My favorite combos might be: white shirt with a pleated coral skirt and pastel blue heeled sandals, coral off-the-shoulder top paired with knee-ripped white skinnies and light brown wedge sandals, a black top tucked in wide-leg coral trousers teamed with black loafers and black bomber jacket, etc. By the way, you can go bold by teaming coral with different patterns and prints, like florals, stripes, leopard prints, etc. For instance, a coral dress ideally matches leopard print clutch and shoes.

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