Loafers For Women Are Back This Fall

Yes, you heard me right, women’s loafers are considered to be a must-have footwear for next Autumn. These shoes are ideal for chilly weather days when you don’t feel the warmth of the summer sun and the only thing you dream of is to wear some warmer shoes. Why do we love loafers so much? They are considered to be a combination of Oxfords shoes and slippers. Anyway, let’s see some of the best street style pics of women who appear in these cool shoes during their walks on the town. Scroll down to see more.

Loafers Fall 2018 (1)

2018 loafers can be found in different styles and colors, as well as complemented with pretty cool embellishments. This footwear ideally completes your everyday looks, office attire, and even party essentials. They can be found both in casual and formal designs. The most common color for loafers is considered to be black, but you can have so much fun with silver ones, pink, neon and other bright colors. The silver metallic style looks cool with black slim trousers, silken black top, and heavy knit cardigan, but you can try them with black leather skinny pants and cute blush cardigan. A pair of patent black leather pointed-toe loafers looks sexy with a black cape-coat and oversized black sunglasses. Nevertheless, this type of footwear looks best when styled with skinnies, slim pants, and pencil skirts. Wide-leg trousers are not the type of pants you should wear with loafers. So, what are you waiting for, get inspired!

Loafers Fall 2018 (2)

Loafers Fall 2018 (3)

Loafers Fall 2018 (4)

Loafers Fall 2018 (5)

Loafers Fall 2018 (6)

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