Orange Is New Fashionable Color

If you want to make an impression to everyone around this year, then you should definitely try on orange. I would say, it’s a new black, so why don’t you add this color to your spring and summer wardrobe. You might ask me, why do we see it everywhere around? It’s all because of the recent fashion shows, where this vibrant color was spotted on the runways. Frankly speaking, I was shocked to see orange, but it really can be worn in versatile ways, that’s why I decided to show you several outfit ideas for your inspiration.

Orange Color For 2018 Street Style (6)

There is nothing hard to follow the latest fashion trends, all you need is to have fun and be yourself. The first way to make orange look great on you is to try an orange blazer or jacket. I am a big fan of orange leather jackets, that’s why I love to see women wearing them on the streets paired with classy and printed tops and modern slim-fit jeans. You can also have fun with a slouchy orange blazer by layering it over a white shirt tucked in ripped denim shorts. Another way to make orange work for you is to try on orange pants. They will be an ideal match to wear with plain tops and fancy shirts. If you love to make things look even brighter, then you definitely should go orange from head-to-toe. But I recommend to combine orange bottoms with pinstripe shirts in dark or neutral colors, the result is going to be both classy and dressy. Next way to show everyone your true love to orange is to go bold with a dress. Sure, everything depends on what is the overall style of a frock, you are free to pair it with flats, heels, or sandals. If you are not ready to wear orange color clothes, then how about going bold with orange accessories? Think of some orange bag, statement necklace, sexy pumps, etc.

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