Street Style: Mini Skirts Are Must Haves

If you are looking for a trendy clothes to wear next Fall, then you should check out the following outfit ideas you can create with mini skirts. Yes, you heard me right! We use to wear this clothing staple during summertime, but you definitely can give it a try in early cold season days. How? Well, there are many ways how to make short skirts work for you, scroll down your mouse to see best ideas that can be easily copied in real life.

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (2)

There are great ways to wear miniskirts in early Autumn days. The easiest combo is the one that features a mini skirt and a sweater, then there is a nice outfit that includes the same bottom piece paired with a shirt that is layered under a leather jacket or some blazer in slim or oversized fit. By the way, you can try it with a graphic tee or a solid color T-shirt layered under sleeveless trench coat or waistcoat. Complete these combos with an appropriate footwear, like Oxford shoes, loafers, ankle booties or high boots. Anyway, let’s see what’s trending right now!

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (1)

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (3)

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (4)

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (5)

Mini Skirts Fall 2018 (6)

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