Tassel Sandals Are Back In Fashion

It looks like tassel sandals are back in style this Summer. By the way, tassels trend is getting quite popular recently, as they have been spotted on everything, starting from handbags, and shoes to jewelry, tops, and dresses! It’s no wonder why everyone’s so crazy for tassels. Why don’t you follow this trend? You can easily begin from tassel sandals.

Tassel Sandals For Women Summer 2018 (5)

They can be found in lots of shapes, colors, and cuts, plus you are free to style them with absolutely everything. Start with nude or black ones, these colors gonna look awesome with all your favorite dresses. If you want to make a spontaneous look, then how about choosing tassel sandals in some vibrant color to make them pop out from the rest of your outfit and instantly draw the attention.

Tassel Sandals For Women Summer 2018 (4)

Tassel Sandals For Women Summer 2018 (3)

Tassel Sandals For Women Summer 2018 (2)

Tassel Sandals For Women Summer 2018 (1)

A pair of tasseled sandals in cream-beige color ideally match a casual outfit that consists of charcoal skinnies, chambray shirt, and khaki green slouchy jacket. If you want to create a sexy standout look, then go for tasseled high-heeled sandals in cream-white and pair them with a white crochet dress. Strappy heeled sandals in pastel violet color completed with multicolored tassels look pretty cool with a dark green dress. Red footwear will be a great addition to black and white colored garments. Plus, tassel heeled sandals are a great choice for making your legs appear longer and leaner. Below are gathered stylish outfit ideas that can be a good inspiration for you. Check them out and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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