Thong Sandals Are Back On Trend Next Summer 2018

If there is a must-have footwear for Summer 2018, then it’s thong sandals. I am not saying other sandals are embargoed to wear in hot weather, you can still wear your favorite heeled sandals, flip-flops, and wedges. Thong sandals have a moment in the fashion scene, so why don’t you give them a try? In today’s article, I want to show you simple ways how to wear these shoes in real life by pairing them with casual and dressy clothes. Read on to see how to improve your Summer look.

Thong Sandals Summer 2018 (1)

Like it or not, but thong sandals are must try for an upcoming Summer season, so why don’t you buy a pair of these shoes to wear them at the beach and parties. They can be found in various colors, designs, and textures, just make sure they suit the whole Summer look. Neutral colors ideally suit casual dresses and everyday combinations. A black pair of thong sandals ideally match denim cut-offs and black shirt, the same black sandals can work with white mini shorts and pastel yellow semi-sheer shirt. If you want to make them pop out from the rest of your look, then buy a pair in some vibrant color and style them with neutral color clothes. For instance, a gold pair of shoes can be styled with an off-the-shoulder white dress, or with LBD. They are super comfortable and ideally match both casual and dressy combos.

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