Summer Clothes For Riding A Bike

If you love riding your bike during hot season months, then you definitely should check out these stylish looks to make a wow impression on everyone while you are riding your cool bicycle next Summer. Get on board, as we are here to talk about great outfit ideas you can definitely copy next year. Have you ever heard about bike fashion? Well, it’s pretty massive right now! One day, when I bought myself a new bike, I realized I have nothing to wear, I mean, my bike’s color is pink, and I see that my clothes don’t really fit the overall look, that’s why I decided to make a research and see what’s trending right now. So, please take a moment and see what to wear next summer while riding your bicycle.

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First of all, if you are not challenging any high scores, then you definitely don’t have to dress up like you are participating in the Tour de France. Forget about lycra bike-shorts, reflective ferocious-looking sunglasses, and sporty helmet. What we want is to look cute while riding our bicycles, and I know lots of great fool-proof ways how to dress to impress. Avoid flashing clothes, otherwise, it can make your rides uncomfortable, as you will always think about your bottoms. If you still want to wear short, tight skirts and dresses, then be sure to add a pair of mini shorts underneath that can be easily taken off when you get to your destination point. Long skirts and dresses should be updated with extra material in a knot at the side of your thigh, to secure yourself for not getting your skirt caught in bike wheels.

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Speaking of sunglasses, go for a chic design, so it can easily make a standout look! Handbags and baskets: if your bike has a basket, then you can carry a spacious bag, if not, then you can go for a satchel bag or anything else that has a long strap to carry it on your shoulder. In terms of colors, then those of you who have white bicycles, then you can try on a striped black-white top and team it with cream grey shorts and striped flat pumps, or with a blush top and floral print white midi skirt and blush flats, you can also try on a chambray blue shirtdress with snakeskin print slip-on shoes. Pastel color bikes look cool with light blue off-shoulder tops and white skinny jeans, either with blue-white striped shirts and light blue A-line skirts. Pink ones look cool with blue-white striped bell-sleeve dresses, as well as with white looks. Bicycle fashion is a cool way to underline your true style and unique personality.

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