What Dresses You Should Wear This Summer

Today’s article is dedicated to Summer dresses every woman should try next year. I am here to share with you five types of frocks that are going to make you feel feminine and special. Each one of these designs looks and feels lightweight and unique. This garment is a solid outfit, so you don’t have to worry about matching a top and bottoms. Plus, you are free to wear it with sandals, flats, pumps, sneakers, as well as with boots during chilly weather. Anyway, I gathered my favorite designs you should definitely try this Summer season.

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (6)

The first one is a lace dress. I love lace for its versatility. It looks romantic, feminine and dressy. You are free to wear it with heels for special parties, as well as with flat sandals, gladiators or ankle booties with cut-outs to create a cool beach boho look. It’s a must for brunches, Summer weekends and home parties. If you think it’s too much transparent, then the best way is to wear it over matching color underwear, either over inner lining, so you don’t have to worry about showing off too much of your skin. Speaking of lace dresses styles and lengths, then I recommend to try on midis with spaghetti straps, short frocks with flared skirts, as well as bodycon designs. Complete them with cute sandals or modern pumps and functional accessories, like neutral color bags.

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (5)

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (4)

Next dress I wanted to mention is a well known classy floral frock. I do recommend to try on shirtdresses, off-shoulder designs in short length with simple silhouettes. Florals are popping up everywhere around, so you definitely should make them work for you. Modern designer brands offer us a variety of cool florals, in different sizes and colors. You are free to choose a gown in silk or chiffon fabric, with bright flowers in dark background or in light background. Whatever is your favorite, you definitely gonna find it!

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (3)

Our next stop is an off-the-shoulder dress. It looks like off-the-shoulder look has taken its fashion stage, as I see it everywhere, from tops, dresses, rompers to jumpsuits and even in swimsuits. While off-the-shoulder dress design is simple, it does gives that special romantic and feminine touch to its wearer. Plus, it’s extremely versatile and looks great in almost any body shape. The most popular styles for this year are high-low designs with 3/4 sleeves, ruffled shift frocks in midi and a short length.

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (2)

If you want to try something special and unique, then I highly recommend to buy yourself an embroidered dress. It automatically makes you stand out from the crowd, all because of embroidery. It can be either floral embellishments, patches, creative pattern, and something exotic. Look for frocks that can be used at the beach, as well as for creative work and parties. You definitely should have at least one such frock in your closet.

Must Have Dresses For Summer 2018 Trendy Street Looks (1)

The last, but not least is a lace-up dress. By the way, a lace-up trend is pretty massive this 2018, as you can find it on everything, from shoes, and bags to tops, jumpsuits, rompers, bodysuits, and dresses. There are fabulous lace-up dresses made of denim, suede, silk, and cotton. Each one looks special and sophisticated. You are free to wear them with sneakers, heels, flats, sandals or pumps.

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