What Shift Dresses Are In Style

You have already noticed the popularity of shift dresses and today’s article is dedicated to this beautiful fashion garment. We are going to find out why this dress is going to be so popular next year. It’s no wonder why we see them everywhere around, they are pretty easy to style. But they can be quite tricky to wear, as you may appear bigger and heavier than you actually are. That’s why I decided to create this post and show you the best shift dresses you can try this year.

Shift Dresses For Summer 2018 (2)

I recommend starting with solid color versions. They are pretty easy to wear with everyday essentials, as you can combine them with different prints and colors, without looking overdosed. Such styles can be updated with chunky and colorful accessories and jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Don’t forget about fancy footwear that can make a real statement! Anyway, scroll down to see the best shift dresses to try now.

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Shift Dresses For Summer 2018 (3)

Most women wear such frocks when they gain some few pounds and want to feel comfortable. Before buying a new shift dress, you better consider neckline, hemline and sleeves length. Ladies who are pear-shaped should choose shift frocks with structured shoulders and embellishments on the top, so the whole silhouette looks more proportioned. Make sure this dress starts from the point where your legs are thinner. Ladies with hourglass bodies should underline small waists, shorter hemlines, and low neckline. Hourglass ladies should choose small and subtle prints to avoid an illusion of looking wider. If your body is normal, then you may find this frock to be loose-fitted, that’s why you should add more curves to it. Think of adding fancy details, like pleats, ruffles, colorful patterns, etc.

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