Vertical Striped Pants For Women

If there is a pair of pants that can make your legs look longer and leaner, then it’s a pair of vertical striped trousers which are getting popular next year. In this article, I am about to share with you street style pics of women who appear in such bottoms during their everyday walks, as well as special occasions. I have chosen several looks with such pants for your inspiration, hope you gonna enjoy this cool collection!

Vertical Striped Pants For Women Summer 2018 (5)

We all know about different tips on how to make your legs appear longer: wearing short dresses, nude heels, monochrome clothes, as well as striped pants. I think there will be no problem for you to find an appropriate pair of vertically striped trousers, as they come in different styles and colors. There are stunning designs in different fit, taste, and style. I personally am a big fan of skinny and palazzo pants, as they can easily become a part of my office look or night out outfit. I can simply add a white shirt or blouse with a slim-fit blazer for work hours and a printed blouse or crop top for a night out party. Speaking of shoes, then I definitely recommend to try on heels. A heeled footwear is definitely the right shoe to pair with such trousers, it will also make your legs appear longer. If you are not into heels, then you should try on flats with pointy toes. I personally love to match at least one color of the stripes with a color of my top and shoes, this is definitely a good coordination! Anyway, let’s see the best street style looks with striped pants and see what’s trending right now.

Vertical Striped Pants For Women Summer 2018 (4)

Vertical Striped Pants For Women Summer 2018 (3)

Vertical Striped Pants For Women Summer 2018 (2)

Vertical Striped Pants For Women Summer 2018 (1)

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